Just the facts ma’am

June 15, 2012

Good Christ. My body continues to be a mystery.

Yesterday, CD14, my OPK looked almost positive. Last night the second line was so faint that, had it been a pregnancy test, I would have assumed I was imagining it.

This morning… I didn’t wake up quite on schedule. An earlier than usual temp was the lowest I’ve had this cycle (possibly ever). The late temp was the highest I’ve had this cycle and is the baseline temp for past cycles.

In any case, the deed was done last night. I’ll keep POASing and temping and see where it leads. Historically, the pee sticks like to fool me.

Keep in mind the following:

– I live in a different climate now and keep my house colder than I used to.
– I don’t think I’ve ever ovulated before CD16 on a non-medicated cycle. It’s early even for a medicated cycle.


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  1. B Says:

    WTF Alex’s body?? Are you possibly doing exactly what you should be to a text book degree???
    FX! I hope your temps continue to rise and stay up. ❤

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