Today = Blah

February 23, 2012

So… I saw this commercial on TV the other night. It was for some kind of quick/microwaveable meal.

A woman sitting at her cube desk in front of a computer screen. On the computer screen is a picture of a sandy beach, crystal clear water and blue sky – obviously a favorite or coveted vacation spot.
In between the woman and the screen is a box meal of some sort.

She says things like:

Why do I work so hard? Why do I eat at my desk? To save money to put my kids through college. To save money to take that great vacation to that sandy beach. [she points at the screen]

My immediate response? Why the hell do I work? [Besides to pay the rent.]

I don’t have any kids to send to college.
I don’t have any vacation days. Right Guy works ALL the time so we don’t take vacations. I’ve used all my past vacation time taking care of Pops or nursing my own ailments (fertility treatments followed by ten days in the hospital will eat up all your sick leave).

Will these things change? Likely so.

I will earn more vacation days. And I no longer have Pops’ care to eat them up. Fingers crossed I won’t have ANOTHER ectopic. At SOME point in the future in WILL have vacation days.
Right Guy’s schedule will EVENTUALLY improve. At some point, perhaps even next year(!), we could maybe take a real vacation. Together. It would be our first.

Will we have kids? Maybe. Probably. Somehow.

I understand that these circumstances will change.


Right now… what’s the point of it all?

And why does the media insist on making me feel even worse about not being a mother?


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  1. Ugh. I hate how the media can play with my emotions like that. I’m sorry you’re having a tough day. I hope the next is much better!

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