The Doctor Is In

October 23, 2011

After much agony and pain I ended up at the hospital yesterday and had my ectopic pregnancy and right fallopian tube removed. I tried like hell to avoid that but… I did not succeed.

But that’s actually NOT what I want to talk/write about today.
Ectopics: 2
Surgeries: 2
I’m down (one appendix) one father and one tube.
Me: 0

The stats are too overwhelming to me to deal with at this moment. So I want to NOT think about me. I want to think about YOU. What are YOU going through and how can I help? I really hope I’m taking one for the team so no one else is having to go through anything similar. But I also know there are always some crises, big and small, out there in IF-land. And it really helps ME to help YOU because it takes my mind off ME.

Plus I’m on some really good drugs right now.

The line forms to the left. @StolenEggs is on the job. Right Guy is on call. I might as well be too.


3 Responses to “The Doctor Is In”

  1. barrenlazza Says:

    Hi there

    I have just caught up on your news and can’t believe the see saw ride you have been on since I last checked in.

    That is one big shit sandwich you’ve been given to digest – yet another one.

    You are very kind and thoughtful to be thinking of others at this time and I know that many, including me, are thinking of you and hoping you are ok.

    Please take care and enjoy the drugs while they last!

    Hopefully this will be the end of your woes and you’ll get the good luck you deserve very soon.


  2. BabyBmama Says:

    I’m so sorry that you are going through this. When I read what happened it made me ill. I don’t understand why your “stats” are the way they are now. It isn’t fair or right, and well, I can think of a lot of people who deserve to be in your shoes instead of you. I will say this: You have taken everything that has been thrown at you in such a strong way. You are brave and you are a ninja. I’m hoping that things get better soon dammit.

  3. I am so sorry that this didn’t end in the easiest way possible for you (it’s the least you could have asked for given the already shitty situation). You can help me by resting as much as you can ok. I know from experience that doing too much too fast can cause major setbacks. Just take care of yourself right now!

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