Oh… it’s ON now

October 10, 2011

I am so incredibly frustrated. Everything I went through two weeks ago was all for naught. I thought I had it squared away but, alas, no. You should never believe the random promises of people who answer phones. I still cannot get an ultrasound scheduled.

I have one last chance tomorrow to do this on my own. Supposedly an OB nurse will be calling me tomorrow (she wasn’t in today). But I already called and left a semi-hysterical message for my old RE. I. NEED. HELP. I am surrounded by morons. These people tell me things like “You can’t see anything on an ultrasound before 8 weeks” and “We don’t provide follow up care or monitoring appointments for other clinic’s patients.” (2 different clinics have told me this) So… what do their patients do when they travel? How can they simply refuse to treat people in need of care? No one seems to get it. I would think the word “ectopic” would be enough.

Not to be overly dramatic. I despise overly dramatic. But if this is what it takes to get an ultrasound then I will totally pull out the “I could die if you don’t give me an ultrasound” card. (It’s technically true) I haven’t played that card yet. Partly for fear that it will backfire and they’ll just think I’m completely nuts and take me even LESS seriously. But it’s all I have left. I’ve tried to explain the situation. But receptionists just. don’t. get. it. And I can’t get past reception without being a patient.


I’ve had my freak out session tonight. Now I just need to try and relax and wait to deal with tomorrow. Along with my dead car. And my stupid COBRA insurance that suddenly doesn’t exist.

I think the hormones are getting to me and making me CRAZY. Oy.


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  1. Absolutely ridiculous you’re having to beg and plead for an u/s. I’m glad you’re not letting this go and are standing your ground. Rooting for you!

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