Another two week wait

September 29, 2011

At first I thought I was just out of practice. It’s been over a year since I’ve been through a two week wait (2ww). But then I remembered that it doesn’t really matter so much – pretty much every 2ww is the same. I think I’ve gotten better at the first half of it since it really is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to know anything. But the second half… that’s another story.

The second half is when the crazies knock on your door and run inside to settle on the sofa with you. They whisper things in your ear like “You know you want to pee on a stick right now” and “What was that? That twinge? Was it an implantation cramp?” I would really like to kick these guys out of my house. But they won’t leave.

One thing I don’t really get though, is why every morning (the whole day really) I feel negative. I feel like there’s no way this FET worked. No way could I be pregnant. But in the evenings and at night I have hope. I somehow feel pregnant at night. It’s super weird. I remember experiencing this back and forth during other 2wws. But I don’t recall the ping pong ball being on a timer. My thoughts bounced back and forth from being sure I was pregnant to being sure I wasn’t. But I don’t recall the time of day playing a role.

Anyone else experience this?


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  1. I went back and forth like that but I was opposite. During the day I was sure I was pregnant but then at night when it was time to relax and my mind would wander *more* I was convinced that it didnt work. I’d stare at my self before my nightly showers and examine every inch of myself for “signs”. Maybe just daily life stress makes it harder but possibly you are different than me and when you relax you see things in a more positive light? (Im trying to make sense here with what Im trying to say, sorry if you have no idea what Im trying to convey here)

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