FET #1

September 24, 2011

I really hope that by titling this post FET #1 I’m not predicting that there will be a FET #2. I really hope this is it. But I’m having my doubts. This FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer for those not in the know) has not gone horribly wrong but there were some hiccups. And I guess they’ve got me nervous.

1. My lining wasn’t thick enough at my first ultrasound. With all the problems I’ve had, my lining has NEVER been a problem. Not even on Clo.mid. My lining has always been nice and thick and fluffy (maybe even too fluffy with the adenomyosis). But it plumped up nicely with some extra estrogen. As well as some vitamin E. For all of you thinking of raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, baby aspirin, etc to help with your lining… I won’t discourage those but my RE told me that vitamin E is the only thing (aside from estrogen) that has any research behind it to show that it *might* actually help thicken the uterine lining. She told me that even if it doesn’t work you’ll get nice hair and nails from it. 🙂

With the lining problem solved I began to feel better about it all. And the transfer itself went pretty well. I’ve been having some pain/cramping from it but I was really hopeful that both embryos thawed OK. And that the one we didn’t transfer, which was supposed to be pretty good quality, would make it to blastocyst and be refrozen – potentially for a 2nd child.

2. Alas, embaby #2 did not make it to blast. I was told it “did not progress.” So now I’m worried that I’m carrying a dud. My hope is dashed.

I know I’m being whiny (being pumped full of hormones does not help). This may still all work. What happens to one embryo isn’t necessary indicative of what will happen to another. Except that I’ve been using the opposite logic to build up hope for this cycle. Since it took 6 months and 7 doses of methotrexate to kill my last embabies I had been hoping that their strength might be inherent in all my embabies. Silly, I know. But you find hope wherever you can.

And now I’m left searching again.


2 Responses to “FET #1”

  1. barrenlazza Says:

    Hi there

    Sorry to hear that one of your embabies didn’t make it to the blastocyst stage but BEST of luck with the wee one that was transferred.

    Hopefully all will go well and result in a lovely pregnancy for you x

  2. Jen Says:

    I hope there IS an FET#2, in about 2-3 years when you’re ready to have your second little Fox! xoxo Sending lots of perfectly-placed-sticky-vibes your way sweetheart.

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