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September 8, 2011

So we’ve decided to only transfer ONE embryo in the upcoming FET. Normally two are recommended for someone my age. But after what happened last time… we’re just worried that one embryo might implant normally and the other might implant ectopically and we wouldn’t know until it was too late. Not to be overly dramatic, but if that happened I could die.

I just can’t worry about a normal pregnancy AND a potential catastrophe. Can. Not. Do. It.

I know our chances are significantly decreased by only transferring one embryo. BUT. Can you imagine the happiness of being pregnant combined with the fear that the other embryo is still there but in the wrong place? And if that were to happen… would we discover it in time? Or would I rupture and bleed out suddenly? I’m going to be paranoid enough so I think it’s better not to add to it.

On thing that made this decision easier was that I spoke to the embryologist and got the low down on my four embabies. Two of them are frozen together and deemed of high quality. In fact, one was even described as “perfect.” So the plan is to thaw those two. If they both survive the thaw then we let them go to blast. If they both make it to blast we transfer the best one and refreeze the other. Apparently refreezing comes with risks but it is possible – previously I had believed that they could/would not refreeze them. So that’s plans A & B. I’m really hoping we don’t have to go to plan C and use the other 2 embryos. Not because they are lesser quality but because I’m not ready to use up all that I have.


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  1. Fingers crossed for you! Do you know when yet? We’re doing ours sept 24ish.

  2. Stolen Eggs Says:

    Currently scheduled for Sept 21st but that will depend on whether we do 3 day or 5 day. I’m waiting to hear on that one…

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