My Identity

August 18, 2011

SO… according to my RE – who has no idea how or why – I have a lot more follicles than I used to. Maybe not quite a normal number but the situation is not (currently) as dire as it was when I was first diagnosed. She can’t explain it so I can’t totally embrace the idea that I’m not running out of eggs like I thought. I feel like I could wake up one day and they all disappear again. But it has got me wondering… should I change my handle? Does @StolenEggs still fit?

I don’t think I’ll change the title of the blog. Even if the fox is not stealing the eggs, there’s still a fox in my hen house gumming up the works. And NEWSFLASH… dun dun dun… my last name is Fox. So there. That’s who I am. That’s why there’s a fox in my hen house. It’s me. My own body fighting against me. I thought it was fitting 2 years ago and I still do.

But @StolenEggs? I’m not so sure anymore. Any thoughts or ideas out there?


4 Responses to “My Identity”

  1. Stolen Eggs Says:

    @inFertileFox ?

    I’m very big on alliteration when using my last name… šŸ˜›

  2. I like inFertileFox. šŸ™‚

    FertileFox would be even better of course.

  3. Keiko Says:

    I’m digging infertilefox and fertilefox. Are you a baker? You could be BakersDozen… I’m still on this whole “eggs” motif. How about FabergeFox? You have the fanciest eggs in town!

  4. barrenlazza Says:

    This is fantastic news! It’s amazing to hear you may not be as low on eggs as you have thought over the past few years.

    In terms of your moniker; you could now call yourself ‘Outfoxing infertility’ or something like that.

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