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August 9, 2011

So… here’s the skinny…

Short version: My RE has given me the green light to go ahead with a FET!!!!!

Long version:
My last MRI showed that my uterus was not quite healed but that it is continuing to make progress.
My HSG and camera test showed that there are (or were) currently NO suspicious tunnels or holes in my uterus leading from the inner lining to the outer wall where my previous pregnancy was.
Woo hoo!!!!
My RE, being rather conservative, was still thinking maybe I should wait longer but she conferred with her colleagues in the practice and it was decided that I be treated as if I had had uterine fibroids removed. Which means, six month after you can try again. Same with c-section patients. They say 6 months. But no one ever checks them like they have been monitoring me. So who’s to say that that little bit of fluid that’s still in my uterine wall is that big a deal?

But, there’s always a BUT, treating me as if I’d had a fribroid removed also means that my uterus is still at risk for rupture in late pregnancy – particularly during labor. So I wouldn’t be allowed to labor. They’d likely schedule a c-section for ~38 weeks. I have to meet with an MFM in two weeks to confirm this scenario.

Assuming he agrees with my RE’s assessment this makes things more complicated when thinking of whether to transfer one or two embryos. Regardless of the recent tests, what happened before could still happen again – they fix the underlying condition that caused it. So transferring two embryos and then seeing one nice lovely sac in its proper place doesn’t necessarily mean that the other one just didn’t take. It could be lurking somewhere it’s not supposed to be. And that would be bad. Also, what if I transfer two and they BOTH implant? Wouldn’t that make the risk of rupture even MORE risky? And since even with just one baby, I’d have to deliver pre-term, what does that mean for twins? C-section at 35 weeks? That does not sound like a good idea. But what if I transfer just one and don’t get pregnant? Decisions, decisions.

I guess I’ll just have to wait to see what the MFM has to say about it. And also what the embryologist has to say about it. Because there is another option. I have 4 frozen 3 day embryos. Instead of just transferring one or two of those, we could unfreeze them all and let them go to blastocysts and then choose the ONE BEST blast to implant. But then we run the risk of losing all or some of the embryos. And we only have FOUR. I feel like I’m being forced to gamble at the big boy’s table for high stakes.

As Right Guy put it “it’s all so complicated.” And he’s a freaking doctor. Oy.

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  1. barrenlazza Says:

    That’s great news! But fraught with lots of ‘what ifs?’. Hopefully you’ll get the answers to the questions you need soon so you can get things moving soon. It seems to me you’ve been so patient so I imagine it’ll be such a relief to begin trying again.
    Best of luck!

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