A (Super) Quick Update

June 28, 2011

I feel like I’m always apologizing. I have good excuses… but, still. I’m such a bad blogger.

Here are the highlights from the last week or so.

We had the memorial service/funeral/wake for Pops. It was fairly informal and untraditional. There was no minister. I didn’t see the point in hiring a clergyman who never knew my father to get up and speak a bunch of platitudes. So we did it ourselves and then opened it up to the attendees to speak if they so desired. We were kind of winging it. But it worked. Pops had made quite an impression on people throughout his life and that was made evident in the many impromptu speeches given.

Right Guy was not there. We are in the middle of a move so we decided that he should not alter his plans. He has now arrived in Seattle and is working on new hire paperwork. While my brother and I work on “estate” paperwork. I use quotations marks because although “estate” is the proper term for a deceased person’s property, he doesn’t have a large one. There will be some money (for my next IVF?) but we’re not rolling in the dough or anything. Not that I expected to be. It’s just that word – “estate” – it sounds so… hoighty toity. 😉

Hopefully I have now seen the last of the relatives I dislike. And have formed new and stronger bonds with the ones I do like.

I am the “Executrix” of the will. Somehow I feel like @DeadCowGirl with that title. 😉

I was prepared for Pops’ death. I knew I would be in for some serious paperwork. But… you’re never really ready for this. I am still glad that his suffering is over. But… I MISS him. And I am sad.


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  1. serendipitie Says:

    (((hugs))) sorry about your pops, but it sounds like you did a great job with his memorial

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