Baby Monitor

June 17, 2011

a.k.a. Daddy Monitor

Is that anything like a Baby Daddy? My apologies. In my sleep deprived state many things sound funny to me that may not actually be funny. But if I don’t laugh… I will go insane.

Hospice recommended that I buy a baby monitor to monitor my Dad when I’m not in his room. I had a few other things to pick up at the drug store for him so I just bought it there. They only had one. I know most (new) parents spend quite a lot of time and do a fair amount of research before purchasing a baby monitor. But I just grabbed the only one they had at Ri.te It’s not particularly fancy. It only has one receiver. But it’s a small house so that’s no big deal.

But I wanted to tell all my IF tweeps and bleeps that when you finally get your bundle of joy the Safety 1st baby monitor has served me well so far. For whatever that may be worth.

I will blog about this whole experience with my father at some point but I think I need a little time. He is still hanging on but he is declining rapidly. Very rapidly. A week ago he was and about in his scooter chair eating and sipping champagne. He is now confined to bed, cannot feed himself and cannot sit up on his own. I have been instructed to keep him heavily and steadily medicated with morphine and ativan. For his own comfort. As well as mine.


One Response to “Baby Monitor”

  1. barrenlazza Says:

    Your story is so poignant. You have bought a baby monitor – but not for your own baby but for your ailing Dad.

    That seems so cruel for the fact that you don’t have a baby (yet) after having tried so hard to, and that your Dad is so gravely ill.

    What a lot to manage. But you seem to be doing it with your usual aplomb. I hope your Dad stays comfortable and that you can continue to look after him at home and that you get through this soon…

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