MRI & Bloodwork

May 4, 2011

I have posted some of this in a previous post and some on twitter but I thought I’d consolidate and give an update on everything. It’s all a little complicated.

The MRI showed a “fluid pocket” in my uterine wall. This is the remnants of the ectopic pregnancy. Apparently the fluid is blood. Anyway, it’s this fluid filled hole that makes my uterus weak and potentially unable to sustain a future pregnancy. But the latest MRI shows that it is SMALLER. So the docs are hopeful that my body will continue to heal itself. Which is GOOD news. Except for the fact that I’m STILL benched. They want another MRI in 3-6 months.

Also on the MRI… apparently I have quite a lot (for me anyway) of antral follicles. My RE says there are too many for a person with an AMH=0.1. So she’s retesting it. She’s also testing my estradiol, FSH and progesterone. It seems that after completing my course of prometrium to induce a period I may have ovulated on my own. There’s really no telling what my body is up to these days. It’s a complete mystery and my RE doesn’t do anything without consulting her entire team about it first. sigh This is also potentially good news. Although puzzling.

Also on the MRI… maybe. My RE said she wasn’t convinced but apparently other members of the team thought they saw an extra opening on my cervix. I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that one. So for now I’m just going to pretend she didn’t say that. But at some point I’ll have to get a sonohysterogram to check that. Fun times.

Most of the bloodwork should be back today or tomorrow. But it takes two weeks to run the AMH. I’ll update this post as results trickle in.
UPDATE: I did indeed ovulate on my own before the prometrium could induce a period. Estradiol and FSH are appropriate for being in luteal phase and on estrogen patch.

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