Pet Therapy

February 5, 2011

As many of you know, have 3 cats. I missed them horribly when I was in the hospital. Although, I’m primarily a cat person, I also like dogs. Growing up, we had both. Along with the occasional hermit crab, gerbil, etc. If it’s not too slithery, I like it. So I was thrilled when they offered me a dog visit while I was in the hospital last September. Here are the, long overdue, pics.

pet therapy
per therapy

Pet Therapy is only offered to cancer patients and kids at the hospital I was in. I was on the oncology ward so I got lucky. If you’re a dog owner I highly recommend looking in to this service. Although, apparently there is a waiting list to get your dog involved. Regardless, as a patient, I can attest to the value of it. Ten days in the hospital is like an eternity.


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  2. Sonja Says:


    Whenever I have surgery, I’m always tempted to put my cat in my bag to have her with. Tho I just settle with a stuffed animal.

  3. Vicky Says:

    I really have been meaning to look into this. You have inspired me!

  4. I have a therapy dog. And I know how much my dog loves to visit people. I’m so glad that you could find something that cheered you up while you were there.

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