I spoke too soon

September 17, 2010

Yesterday I posted about how ravenous I’ve been yet hadn’t gained a pound. Which is really hard to believe given that 1) I’m not exercising, B) I’m eating CONSTANTLY and III) I’m craving sugar and eating crap. Well… I stand corrected. Today’s weigh in has me up FIVE pounds. My only explanation is that I chopped off all my hair the day before the last weigh in. 😉 Just kidding, I didn’t have THAT much hair. But I did chop off ~6-8 inches.

So anyway, I decided to cut back a little and try to be more sensible about what, and how much, I eat. What did I get for my troubles? Lightheadedness, dizziness, feeling faint. Generally feeling crappy. I know this is (somewhat) normal during pregnancy but it’s starting to happen more and more. Should I be worried?

Sometimes it happens just from getting up to fast. So I’ve learned to avoid that. And if that does happen it goes away pretty quickly if I just stand still or lie down for a minute. And sometimes it happens if I get too hot outside. Fortunately the weather is at least thinking about cooling down. But lately it feels more tied to food/blood sugar. Which is (one reason) why I’ve been eating more sugar – to keep it away. The sugar also seems to help with the nausea. But this can’t be good. I feel like I’m trapped in a vicious cycle of eating junk to alleviate symptoms that may, in part, be caused from not eating enough nutritious food. What to do?

I guess I’ll keep eating the sugar for now so I can function. It’s not like I’m not eating anything healthy. I am also eating lots of fruit(I’ve already eaten an whole container of strawberries today) and protein . And some veggies. But I don’t normally have a sweet tooth so I feel like I’m out of control on the sugar. My <1 soda per week habit is now up to 1-2 Ginger Ales a day. I ate Fun Dip the other day. Fun Dip, people. Seriously? I don't think I've had Fun Dip since I was a little kid and sneaked it while my Mom wasn't looking (she would have FREAKED). But the goldfish weren't alleviating the nausea and I found some Fun Dip and it worked. Who knew?

My apologies for the rant. In the grand scheme of things this is a wonderful problem to have. I have not lost sight of that fact. I'm just worried. And the anxiety dream I had last night about being hospitalized for some weird, rare (completely fake) pregnancy complication probably didn't help. I've just got to make it to Monday's ultrasound. I won't be naive and say that I'll magically stop worrying after that ultrasound but I've got to live from appointment to appointment right now.

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