Beta #2 Results Are In

September 1, 2010

And… the results are in. 172. Not quite doubled from 90 but really really close (and technically not a full 48 hours between the two). They want me to go in for a 3rd test on Friday just to be safe.

I was so optimistic yesterday since I think my levels have been doubling properly up until now. So I figured they would continue to do so. And then last night I had a dream that I was bleeding. The dream never got to the point that I was definitively miscarrying – just bleeding. Or at least that’s all I remembered this morning. But since I had a dream about a BFP last week and it came true I guess I’ve developed a little pregnancy superstition. I awoke this morning checking for nausea, sore boobs and exhaustion. And itchiness (no one ever mentioned that one to me before but Dr. Google has confirmed it). All still there but somewhat lessened. But most of those symptoms could also be caused by the Estrogen patches and Progesterone in oil shots I’m still on. On the other hand I didn’t make it through a whole day of work yesterday either – I left early again for a nap. So how bad could it be?

I started to feel a little more confident after I walked 2 blocks to Whole Foods to get a sandwich for lunch today. On the way back I was really woozy. Clearly I didn’t eat enough breakfast. And clearly I’m still pregnant.

I have no idea if it’s pregnancy or just some fluke but apparently my veins now roll. I used to be the easiest stick. I was a phlebotomist’s dream. Somehow, practically overnight, I’ve turned into a phlebotomist’s nightmare. That prominent vein that they love so much is still there, beckoning them, “Choose me. I’m Easy.” But then they have to dig around for a minute or two to actually get the needle in. On Monday she gave up and drew blood from my other arm. I had a different nurse today and she had the same problem but managed to make it work.

Again Right Guy will not have a phone or be on email most of today. So I’ll have to text page him the results. But this time I’ll spell it out: one hundred seventy-two. And he told me to include a 🙂 or a 😦 so he could get the gist if the number didn’t come through properly.


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  1. Cheryl Says:

    Hi! New follower here. Wonderful news! FX that Friday brings even more good news!

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