The Whirlwind

August 19, 2010

tazmanian devil in a whirlwindTo say that this past week has been a whirlwind is an understatement. This cycle started as Injectibles + Timed Intercourse. Then it almost got canceled. Instead of canceling, I was converted to IVF. I was converted 8 days ago and today I had my transfer. How crazy is that? I’ve somehow managed to pull off IVF in a week AND I might still make my work deadline tomorrow. Am I Wonder Woman?

Last week I essentially had 6 mature follicles. They let me go an extra day before retrieval in the hope that I might get 1 or 2 more. But in the end they retrieved 6 eggs. And then the magic happened.

Not only did I never really expect to do IVF EVER – I hoped, but never really thought it would happen – I never ever expected it to go so well. My RE wants to redo my bloodwork if this doesn’t work. She’s just as surprised at this response.

Eggs Retrieved: 6
Eggs Fertilized: 6
Day 3 8-cell Embryos: 6 (actually I think one was 9 cells)

I now have 2 transferred and 4 on ice. I just can’t believe this worked SO WELL. Dare I hope that this is it?

My ovaries have proved they have some super powers. Now can my uterus?
wonder woman


7 Responses to “The Whirlwind”

  1. I’m doing a cheerleader dance for your uterus! Too personal? Maybe, but the benchmark was set pretty high by your ovaries, so your uterus better live up the the expectations. Goooo uterus!

  2. Braving IVF Says:

    So great! Fingers crossed for you!

  3. calliope Says:

    just catching up over here and by jove! there is a LOT to catch up on.

    You are, indeed, Wonder Woman! And I am crossing fingers & hoping like a mofo for you.

  4. Visiting from ICLW…great, great news! Hope that your 2WW goes well and that you succeed with this first try. I like your upbeat attitude & hope that it will all translate into good betas for you! Good luck & I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  5. Suzy Says:

    What a great response to the IVF process! (I’m jealous 😛 )
    Hoping like mad that your uterus can keep up with your magical ovaries and eggs!

  6. Lu Says:

    Wow – that’s pretty amazing! At least you haven’t had long to stew about it. Hoping this quick IVF is positive!

  7. barrenlazza Says:

    Congratulations – that’s fantastic news!

    It’s amazing that all your eggs fertilised – hopefully the two which have been transferred stick this month. It’s great to know you have some more on ice for any future attempts.

    Fingers crossed for you – let us know how you get on!

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