Cycle 4: Bravelle & Menopur + Ovidrel and Timed Intercourse

August 12, 2010

This was my first injectibles cycle. I had put my estrogen patch on around CD21 of my previous cycle so that I would be “primed” for the next cycle if that one didn’t work. And it’s a good thing I did! On CD2 I had an antral follicle count (AFC) of 13. A personal best. This is the first time I’ve been in double digits so that’s really exciting for me! I fully credit the estrogen primer. And perhaps also the diet – maybe even more so the diet. Or it could just be that all these meds have “jump started” my system. Who knows? All I know is that each month my AFC seems to climb.

On CD2 I had a date with wandy and got the go ahead to start the shots: 150iu of Bravelle mixed with 75iu of Menopur/day.

First acupuncture appointment ever. It went OK. Not sure what I really think of it yet.

After four of those shots (CD 6/Med Day 5) I had another ultrasound. I still had 13 follies – but none dominant yet. My estradiol was 84 so they debated upping my dosage but decided to leave it alone.

On CD 9/Med Day 8 I had another ultrasound. Uterine lining was good at 7.4. I still had 13 follies (although I apparently lost one on one side and gained one on the other) and I had 6 follies over 10mm in the running(!). The six were all very uniform in shape and size (all ~ 11mm) so there was some worry about having too many follicles – especially with estradiol =333. This is an entirely new and unexpected problem for me to have. My dose is reduced to Bravelle 75iu + Menopur 75iu.

Second acupuncture appointment. Definitely relaxing. But I’m still not sure it’s any more relaxing or helpful than a massage. Or taking a nap. But I’m still keeping an open mind since I think I have been sleeping better at night.

CD11/Med Day 10: another ultrasound. I now have 7 follies in the running ranging from 11.9-14.6. Uterine lining is at 7.3. Estradiol ~600. This was a crazy day. The fellow who did my ultrasound really wasn’t sure what to do. So I had to wait on a call from my RE. Then things exploded. You can read about it here: Take A Walk on the Boardwalk.


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