The Jury Is Still Out

July 30, 2010

I really thought I’d know by now. I suppose I’m naive. But at 12 dpo I figured a + would show up. Especially because I thought I felt something like implantation back at 7dpo. So when it didn’t, and my temps started inching down my chart I assumed I wasn’t pregnant.

I was so sure yesterday that I’m not pregnant. And this morning. And… well… pretty much now. BUT.

Weird things happened today.

Weird pink spotting. That turned brown. And then stopped. Perhaps Aunt Flo is playing tricks on me and ringing my doorbell and then hiding behind the bushes laughing at me as I step out on the porch looking around trying to figure out what’s going on. She’s played tricks before. But never like this. Never quite so subtly. Usually, if she decides to play tricks, she just hangs out on the porch and pretends like she’s going to come in but doesn’t. Or maybe she steps inside and then steps back out. But I always know it’s her.

This time… I’m not so sure. It’s probably her playing a new game (why can’t she just be consistent?!). But it *could* be late implantation. In which case this (hypothetical) baby clearly takes after its father. Right Guy never does anything until the last possible second. 😉 He’s my nemesis in that regard.

So… I’m pretty sure I’m not pregnant. But I think I’ll wait a little longer before I have my I’m-Not-Pregnant-Again Margarita. Just to make sure Right Guy’s spawn isn’t in there infuriating me like his Daddy.


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  1. Not to get your hopes up, but I had late implantation. I had some red/brown spotting at 12dpo. Told my DH, “It’s over!”. And at 14 dpo, DH forced me to take an HPT. The rest is history as they say. Hang in there. 2 more days.

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