Right Guy is out of the closet

July 26, 2010

Right Guy is out of the closet. Sort of. Most of our friends are aware of my condition and the fact that we’re trying to get pregnant. Many of my coworkers as well (although not all). But I don’t think ANY of his coworkers knew. Until this weekend. He’s not the only one who got outed either. It seems to have caused some disturbance. But it can’t be helped.

stepping out of the closetApparently there is a patient who is on some treatment/drug that is so toxic to fertility that no one can enter the patient’s room if she is pregnant, if she is planning to become pregnant in the next 6 months or if he is planning on impregnating someone in the next 6 months. People were jokingly volunteering Right Guy to be the one to enter the room and tend the patient because he’s single (single as in unmarried). So he had to come clean to at least a few people. He was not about to set foot in that room. I think he made his intern do it. That’s what interns are for. šŸ˜‰ Anyway, apparently there were also a handful of women who knew they were pregnant but who had not yet announced who were also forced to ‘out’ themselves. All in all, I don’t think anyone was happy about having to disclose the information.

I think he only told one or two people. But I have no doubt it will spread. And that’s OK with me. But I think he likes to ignore it at work. He’s very good at compartmentalizing.


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  1. Men tend to keep all this stuff close to the vest. But in someways, I think it’s also a relief to them when they out themselves. Has he shared any of this with his friends? That also helps a little.

    • Stolen Eggs Says:

      I don’t think he really talks about it with anyone. He barely talks about it with me. He’s not a “share your feelings” kind of guy. That’s probably not so healthy but I’m not going to force him. The only person I know he’s told besides the coworker is his Mom.

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