Foto Friday – Unplugged

July 23, 2010

This week’s theme from Calliope is “Unplugged.” Much like her, my first thought was music. MTV’s Unplugged and Eric Clapton’s Unplugged. Despite the explanation that this could be about plugs and outlets. I actually think plugs and outlets could make for some interesting photos. But I had to go for the acoustic guitar. I love acoustic guitar. I am a sucker for it. So it’s a good thing Right Guy plays. 😉




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9 Responses to “Foto Friday – Unplugged”

  1. strawberry Says:

    LOVE the idea and pictures. Great stuff.

  2. Genevieve Says:

    I thought seriously about doing guitar pics, too! I have some floating around….Love these. I love close up detail photos 🙂

  3. chicklet Says:

    Love love LOVE the angles of these. Particularly the first shot.

  4. SooSee Says:

    LOVE the first shot! I may have to steal your idea! haha.. but yes, unplugged makes me think of both Eric Clapton (Tears in Heaven) and MTV – you nailed it!

  5. shu Says:

    AND it is so beautiful!!!! Makes me wish I had mine out of storage — except that my playing would make folks wish there was a plug to pull! 🙂

  6. Kristin Says:

    Love the guitar. My mom used to have one just like it.

  7. Jenni Says:

    Beautiful. I especially like the perspective and Focus in the first picture.

  8. lartdejournalier Says:

    very nice! I almost did the same theme. 🙂

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