My Ovaries Are Like an Easy Bake Oven

July 15, 2010

My ovaries are like an easy bake oven – slow to cook. It’s like trying to bake chocolate chip cookies at 200 F – it takes a little longer.

Easy Bake Oven

I had my CD12 ultrasound yesterday. By the RE’s definition it was CD12. By my definition it was CD13. But whatever. I was ecstatic to learn that I had 9 antral follicles! Nine! That’s the most I’ve ever had at any one time on an ultrasound. Obviously, most of them aren’t anywhere near maturity rendering them irrelevant for this cycle. But I’m just happy to know that there are still a few eggs left in my basket. Or maybe slightly more than a few.

I was also happy to learn that my right ovary is taking lead this month. I’m not sure I’ve ovulated from that side yet so I wanted to give her a chance. <superstition> And that’s Kokopelli’s ovary . </superstition> I think I’ll refer to the right ovary as Koko from now on. Koko has TWO contenders this month. Yesterday I had one follie at 14.5 and another at 15.4. Assuming they continue to grow at the same rate they should release together. That will increase my odds that ONE of them will be good – or make me eat my words about how I won’t have twins. I’d be OK with either outcome.

Lefty had a follie at 10.5 and two other smaller ones. There were also and additional 4 smaller ones on Koko. So it seems I’m improving on quantity. And size. The last Clomid cycle only yielded two follicles, one at 10 and the other at 11 on CD12. One of them eventually released on it’s own but it was considered a failed response. This time it’s not a failure. Just a slow bake. This time they aren’t cancelling the trigger shot – just delaying it a bit. I’ll trigger this weekend for a ~CD17/18 ovulation.

They gave me the option of going back in for another ultrasound tomorrow to confirm that the follies are continuing to mature but I decided to skip that. The doc didn’t really think it would matter much. In retrospect I’m questioning that decision. If I trigger and they’re not mature, the eggs won’t be viable and I won’t get pregnant. If they’re not mature and I wait for them to release on their own maybe they’d be viable. But then I run the risk of ovulating while Right Guy is working nights next week. I can’t say I’m a fan of either option. So I think I’ll just follow the plan and hope for the best.

I wonder if there’s a way to turn up the temp on my Clomid Bake Oven? Actually, I think that’s called injectibles and that will likely happen next month.
hypodermic needle


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  1. There’s never a perfect option when it comes to this stuff. But this cycle does sound promising. Fingers crossed!

  2. […] even 3. At least one of them *should* have been mature. But I can’t know for sure since my ovaries are like an Easy Bake Oven and seem to cook a little more slowly than […]

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