How I Got My Groove Back

July 13, 2010

Or… more appropriately, How I’m About To Get My Groove Back.

All this infertility nonsense has taken the all the fun out of sex. It’s only procreational now and hardly ever recreational. My hormones are usually so out of whack I have no sex drive anymore and the fertility drugs make me so crampy that it’s all I can do to just get it done. And I was expecting more of the same this week as I (hopefully) approach ovulation day. But then I saw a bunch of Old Spice you tube videos.

Isaiah Mustafa and the people behind the Old Spice marketing campaign could not have had better timing. His image is indeed burned in my brain and I can’t wait to get home for that babymaking sex. For anyone else who finds him as hot as I do, go follow @OldSpice on twitter and watch until you can’t wait to go home and jump your man. So my response to Ojai (the video above) is to ask “Why do you want your wife to stop watching? You’ll only reap the benefits later.”

Brought to you by “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.” Thank you @OldSpice.


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  1. Barren Lazza Says:

    You go girl! Good luck & keep us posted!

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