Ring Of Fire

July 8, 2010

♪ ♫ I fell into a burning ring of fire. ♪ ♫
fireOr rather, I woke up in one. I woke up with one of the worst hot flashes I’ve ever had this morning. Not THE worst but pretty bad. And it surprised me.

I realize that hot flashes are a very common side effect of Clomid. This is the third time I’ve taken Clomid. The last two times I never had any cramping or hot flashes while taking the pills. The cramping started after I finished taking the pills. That was true for Cycle 1 & Cycle 2. In Cycle 2 I had hot flashes after finishing the pills but not during. So that’s why I’m surprised by my current symptoms.

I think I know why. And it gives me hope. Likely I’m grasping at straws and reading too much in to this. And I’ll probably regret posting this optimism for all the world to see. But maybe, just maybe, my theory is correct and I will not only respond this cycle but respond better than I did the first time (hopefully with more than one mature follie).

Let’s see if this makes sense to anyone else…

Cycle 1 with Clomid was preceded by 3 months of HRT (estrogen replacement for all 3 months and 2 months of progesterone). My estrogen had actually gotten quite high. In fact, my RE thought maybe I had a cyst because it was so high. But I didn’t. So she decided that I must just absorb the estrogen from the patch better than most people. In any case, I went in to Cycle 1 with fairly high estrogen levels. Hence the lack of hot flashes. And since I had estrogen, that cycle worked.

Cycle 2 with Clomid was preceded by Cycle 1 + 1 month of BCPs. At the end of the month of BCPs I was already fairly miserable with my normal hot flashes. I get them if I’m not on real estrogen. BCPs do not do the trick. So anyway, I somehow managed to avoid the hot flashes while taking the pills. My guess is that my estrogen was already so low the Clomid didn’t make it go any lower and part of what makes a hot flash is a lack of estrogen but the other part is a drop in estrogen. There was a lack, but not a drop. Cycle 2 produced no mature follicles on CD12. Although my body managed to finish the job and ovulate on its own a week or so later, I really didn’t respond well, if at all, to the Clomid. My RE and I decided that I need that estrogen primer before any treatment.

So now I’m on Clomid Cycle 3 (I was going to move on to injectibles but due to other stressors in my life decided to wait another month on that). This time I’m taking the Clomid after 12 days of estrogen. It was supposed to be at least 14 days but my cycle was all kinds of screwed up last month so it’s only 12. GoldilocksBut I’m wondering if this might do the trick. Silly? Probably. But what if my ovaries are like Goldilocks? They require just the right amount of estrogen – not too much and not too little but just the right amount.

So anyway, for now, I guess I’ll try and make friends with the cramps and the hot flashes in the hopes that they indicate hard working ovaries. Right Guy will just have to put on another sweater while I turn the AC down a little more…

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