The Bitch Is Back

July 3, 2010

Aunt Flow showed up on my doorstep yesterday quite unexpectedly. With a suitcase full of giant cramps. I thought it was 10-11 DPO. I had thought the spotting the night before was implantation bleeding. I stupidly allowed myself to hope a little more than usual. When will I learn?

Let’s recap Cycle 2:
First of all I can’t believe this is only Cycle 2. It feels like forever. In fact it has been 8 months now since my diagnosis. We waited a few months on HRT to see what my body might do on its own. Right Guy and I were officially “trying” but my my body wasn’t cooperating. So I eventually tried Clomid not thinking I would get much response. POF/POIers don’t typically respond well to Clomid. My response was beautiful for Cycle 1. I got a BFN but I was ecstatic that a $10 drug worked. Until it gave me a cyst. So I had to wait for Cycle 2.

Nothing about Cycle 2 has gone right. When I went in for my CD12 ultrasound I had 2 follicles – neither mature. I was kind of expecting that news since I had been fairly crampy the first time around and this time not. So we canceled the plan for the Ovidrel trigger shot and just waited to see if my body would finish the job on its own. Meanwhile, my morning temperatures were a little erratic. Which was another clue that things weren’t going right. When I started to feel crampy I told Right Guy we should go for it even thought the OPKs were saying no. So we did for a few days. Then I sort of gave up when the OPKs kept coming back negative. My temps were just a wee bit higher but still not high enough to indicate I had ovulated. Or so I thought. Then the OPKs started coming up positive. So we went back to trying. And a couple of days later the temps went up – but again, only slightly. But it was technically up enough to indicate ovulation. I still wasn’t sure so I went in and got my progesterone tested. 14.4. An outstanding progesterone level. I thought things were looking up.

Since the Clomid hadn’t worked as planned, the new plan was to make sure I primed with estrogen before each cycle – no matter what protocol we use (Clomid or injectibles). So I had put my estrogen patch back on as soon as I thought I had probably ovulated. I reasoned that the Estrogen was the reason my temps were low. They never went above 98. This whole cycle my temps were in the 97s (with one dip to 96.9). But I chose to ignore the temps. I was trying to focus on the positive – I had ovulated!
Aunt Flo
So now that Aunt Flo has shown up I’m wondering whether she is indeed early. Or did she show up right on time? Did I ovulate before the + OPKs? If that’s the case my body is screwed up. Or did I ovulate when I think I did and she’s early? In which case my body is screwed up. Why am I surprised that my body would be screwed up? We already knew that. I guess I was just hoping that it was only screwed up in the one way we already know about.

And what’s with Aunt Flo’s suitcase full of cramps? Do I have another cyst? Is it the endometriosis? All I know is that it is not fun. I’m not doubled over in pain just yet. But I don’t feel too far from that point.


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