End of June ICLW

June 28, 2010

This was my first ICLW. I’ve been a very bad ICLWer. My apologies. I’ve just been overwhelmed with the rest of life this past week. Pops was sick and it took me awhile to get him in to the hospital (the story is long and complicated but let’s just say I’m less than pleased with his doc). He’s there now and they will probably release him to rehab today. There was no stroke. He just seems particularly susceptible to the infection induced delirium. Maybe it’s from all the chemo? Or the radiation? Who knows. But it’s quite an effort to convince health care workers meeting him for the first time that he’s usually quite lucid. Everyone assumes he must have dementia. But he doesn’t. So when he’s in the hospital I do get a bit of a break but I have to be around a lot to answer questions about him since he can’t do it himself. So… in short… I’ve been busy. Sorry. Next time I’ll do better.


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    Thinking of you. ❤

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