Hanging in the Hospital

June 26, 2010

So here I am again. Sitting in Pops’ room at the hospital waiting to see if he gets his mental faculties back. His pneumonia is under control. But his brain hasn’t made it back yet (if you haven’t heard of infection induced delusion/delirium you can read about it here). In fact, he’s worse mentally today than yesterday. I’m hoping it’s my imagination but his face seems ever so slightly droopy so I’m worried that maybe he had a stroke. I’m waiting on the head CT results now.

The OT (Occupational Therapy) and Speech therapy ladies have been in to evaluate him. I got the speech therapist to rescind the order for nectar thick liquids. That happens every time he enters a health care facility. He’s prone to coughing (or aspirating) when he eats and drinks. So they always think he has a swallowing problem that needs to be fixed. I understand the dangers of him essentially breathing his food – it can get stuck in his lungs and cause more infection. But he’s had this issue ever since I can remember. It’s not going to change now. And he hates drinking the thickened liquids. Motor oil he calls it.

So that’s the update on Pops. Time will tell if he’ll make it back mentally.

In other news… I got confirmation yesterday that I did, indeed ovulate. My body was able to finish the job that Clomid started. But with all his stress I have to wonder if there’s really much chance of it working. But at least it’s taking my mind off the two week wait. I’m too busy worrying about Pops to be googling fake pregnancy symptoms. 😉 I guess time will tell that as well. So it’s all just a waiting game. As usual.


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  1. marisa Says:

    I hope he hasn’t had a stroke. Many hugs to you.

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