Get Me Off This Crazy Ride

June 24, 2010

This week has been… well… fairly craptastic. A few good things have happened but they’ve been overshadowed by doubt and bad things. I’m not just on the Infertility Roller Coaster. I’m also on the Elder Care Roller Coaster. It runs a little slower. And the highs are not quite as high. But the lows might be lower. Despite the fact that he’s not on a roller coaster I always think of George Jetson when I have wild weeks like this. “Jane, get me off this crazy thing!”
Jane, get me off this crazy thing
The week started off pretty great. I knew Pops was sick and I’d need to take him to the doc. But I was concentrating on the positive OPKs I had Sunday and Monday. And the re-blogging of a photo I posted on another blog. I was pretty happy that five whole people liked my photo enough to re-blog it (yeah, my standards are low 😉 ). Good photos, ovulation… who could ask for more? On Monday morning all that was overshadowing Pops’ illness.

But by Wednesday I was doubting that ovulation. My temps are not being cooperative. They seem to indicate ovulation. But not definitively. They’re up but just slightly. So I went today to get my progesterone checked. We’ll see. With all the stress of Pops this week I can’t imagine there’s much chance I’d get pregnant even if I did ovulate.

And when I got home last night I found my cat bloody. She’s OK I think. I think she hurt herself ripping off the pheromone collar I put on her to calm her down and hopefully stop the inappropriate peeing. I feel HORRIBLE. Because of me, she has bloody paws and a bloody neck/face. I can’t imagine what made her do that. Poor thing. There will certainly be no more experimentation with pheromone collars.

On Monday, I figured Pops had pneumonia again and I would take him to the doc and he’d be admitted to the hospital. I figured all that would suck but he’d be cared for and I’d get a break. No such luck. He got sent home. And here we are several days later, and many missed hours of work later, sitting in the ER. Waiting. The hospital is full again – there are no available beds. And apparently the heat wave has the ER backed up further. ::sigh::


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