Clomid #FAIL and the new treatment plan

June 15, 2010

So I saw my RE yesterday and we came up with a new plan. I feel better just having a plan. Although, I’m not particularly convinced it’s going to work but… I’ve got to try. But I suppose I also feel better about it not working since Right Guy and I discussed our other options the other night. You can read about that here if you want. I just need to have a plan. I’m fine with plans changing but I need to have one.

I had the option of trying the clomid again (with an estrogen primer) but I chose to be more aggressive. The clock is ticking. Regardless of what protocol I use in the future this failed Clomid cycle proves that I absolutely HAVE to have an estrogen primer. When I’m off the estrogen for too long nothing is going to help: not Clomid, not injectibles. They all work in roughly the same manner: they raise your FSH. My FSH is already high so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the problem there. And my reserve is abysmal so all the treatments in the world can’t coax out an egg that doesn’t exist.

So the plan is to use a cocktail of FSH and LH. I have to go take a class to learn how to mix them up. I did go to bartending school once upon a blue moon so I think I can handle mixing my hormones. But this protocol means more shots and more monitoring ultrasounds. Gonna be interesting. I’m not sure what would come after this if it doesn’t work. She just said we could keep going until I’m either pregnant or my body proves it’s definitively not going to cooperate.

I didn’t even ask about IVF. I just don’t see how it’s possible. I know there are some die hard POFers out there who say not to give up on the idea of IVF but if I don’t have the eggs, I don’t have the eggs. The RE did briefly mention Donor Eggs but we’re not there yet and she knows that. I did ask about IUI. Everyone I encounter in this virtual infertility world seems to do them. But it doesn’t appear that I need it. Right Guy’s sperm is good and I don’t have any other issues (that we know about) so she said it wouldn’t really help us any.


4 Responses to “Clomid #FAIL and the new treatment plan”

  1. Slackie O. Says:

    I know exactly what you mean about needing a plan. Sounds like you’ve got a good partner on your journey, glad you can have those conversations. It makes everything a little easier. Good luck on this next run!

  2. barrenlazza Says:

    I know what you mean about not believing it will ever happen.

    My sis has offered me an egg which I’ll hopefully get to try early next year when her daughter is old enough. But in my heart of hearts I just don’t believe getting pregnant is possible!

    But don’t give up as from what everyone else says, it can happen – hopefully it will to you.

    Good luck with all the cocktail mixing and keep us posted!

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