Age Management Anyone?

June 14, 2010

So my cousin is a doctor and every so often he sort of “reinvents” himself by completing training/certification in some new area of medicine. And then he opens a new practice. This time he is opening a practice in Age Management Medicine and I built the website for the new practice. He wants me to be a patient. I’d essentially be paid for the website in services. Part of what he does with age management medicine is hormone replacement and balancing. And we all know my hormones could use some balancing.

The difference between what he would do and what my RE does is that he looks at ALL your hormones. Not just the reproductive ones. He’s of the opinion that I probably need some testosterone. Obviously he would confirm that with bloodwork before putting me on it. He’s super excited about all this. I’m taking it with a grain of salt. I’m willing to try it to some extent but only if it doesn’t interfere with trying to get me pregnant. Even if it doesn’t “fix” things, I’ll be healthier for doing it.

The four elements of his program are nutrition/diet, natural supplements, hormone replacement and exercise. Well… we all know we should exercise more (most of us need more anyway). And most of us could eat better. I’m already doing some HRT (even though I’m off it at the moment it’s something I need long term) so even if I don’t do all the hormones he would like I’m still doing some. And when I remember to take it I try to take Fish Oil. So I don’t think it’s a huge leap for me to step up the exercise, change the diet and try to remember to take the vitamins and supplements.

So… the diet begins today. I’ll post more on that later. For now I’ll just say it’s low-glycemic. And since I am currently not taking any medication, the bloodwork is tomorrow. My cousin also wants me to get a bone scan and a body fat scan (they’re done at the same time apparently). I was already planning on asking my doc for a bone scan since I’m high risk for osteoperosis. So again, trying this out is not a big leap from what I’m already doing.

It might seem odd for a 36 year old to be doing anything called “Age Management.” But my body, at least hormonally, is acting like it’s 50 so… there you go. I’ll likely be following up this post with several more about the individual elements in this program. I’ll definitely write more about the diet and I’ve been meaning to do a post about bio-identical or “natural” hormones anyway. I’m also going to tell my RE about it. I have no idea what her reaction will be. In short, I think it’s gonna be a busy week or two here on this blog.


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  2. barrenlazza Says:

    I’d be interested to hear what your RE says about bioidentical hormones.

    I researched into these before I went on regular HRT – there’s lots on the net. I also went to see an age management doc but he turned out to be a quack as he put me on loads of bio hormones, including a thyroxine alternative. But when I went to see my RE, she said there was nothing wrong with my thyroid and that had I continued with the treatment it would have stuffed up my thyroid – brilliant!!

    Her opinion of bio hormones isn’t very good which is why I decided to go the regular hormone route with hormones derived from pregnant mares’ urine (yum, yum, it sounds so appetising doesn’t it?!) but it seems to be working as now I’m sleeping through the night, can think straight and don’t feel like I’m in an endless depressive fog anymore.

    Please keep me updated on what your RE thinks

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  4. […] finished the website for my cousin’s new Age Management Medicine practice and agreed to be paid in services. Which means that I […]

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