Foto Friday – Shoes!

June 11, 2010

I’m not the girliest of girls. I pretty much despise the color pink and you wouldn’t catch me dead in anything overly lacy or ruffly. I don’t really “do” my hair and seldom wear make up. But shoes. Shoes. I definitely got that female shoe gene. 😉

I also don’t really bother painting my fingernails – it usually chips off within an hour or so, so… why bother? But toenails are another story. Fun toenails and fun summer shoes just go together.Fun Summer Shoes

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14 Responses to “Foto Friday – Shoes!”

  1. chicklet Says:

    Those are awesome.

  2. susy Says:

    Gorgeous shoes and polish! I’ve always loved those tie-up shoes, but my ankles are so skinny, they don’t look as good. Thanks for sharing!

  3. manapan Says:

    Oh my gosh, they’re so cute!

  4. mollystrz Says:


  5. Dora Says:


  6. tillie Says:

    i love those shoes!!!

  7. blueeyedtawni Says:

    love the shoes!!!!:)

  8. Kristin Says:

    OMG, those are incredible! I MUST know where to get some.

  9. calliope Says:

    soooooo cute!! I love it!! Are they comfy?? And I am loving the fun toes as well. I need to give my toes some summer lovin’.

    • Stolen Eggs Says:

      They take some getting used to but are mostly comfy. Although my feet aren’t huge like yours I do have bunions so comfy shoes can be hard to come by – especially heels. So… if I can wear them, anyone can!

  10. Wishing4One Says:

    I love those! I have yet to try any tie up shoes, I’m a punk like that. Are they comfy and do the ties ever cut into your skin or hurt? But girl those are hot!

    • Stolen Eggs Says:

      They are relatively comfy (I wouldn’t walk for miles in them though) but take a little getting used to. And, no, the ties don’t hurt at all.

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