Cycle 2: Clomid & Ovidrel and Timed Intercourse

June 11, 2010

So I took my 100 mg of Clomid on cycles days 3-5 as instructed. Today is CD12. And I had my ultrasound this morning. I’ve been a little worried all week that it wasn’t working since I didn’t really have much cramping this time. Geez, I hate being right sometimes! I was hoping I was just being paranoid. But no. It’s official. The Clomid did not work this month. I have 2 follies (one on each ovary) and neither are mature. So no Ovidrel this month. The current plan is to just use OPKs next week to see if I O on my own. As usual, I saw the fellow this morning, so I’m waiting on a call back from my doc to see what the plan is for next month. Even though I knew this was probably coming I’m still kind of… well… almost devastated. I just don’t see how this is ever going to happen for me.

I’m pretty sure I know why it worked last time and didn’t work this time. It’s something I suspected might happen even before I took the Clomid this month. But I was trying to remain positive. Maybe sometimes I shouldn’t do that and I should bring up these concerns with the doc. Since I was freaking right. I could kick myself. I really should have asked her what the chances were of it working without the estrogen primer. Anyway, enough of that here’s the explanation.

My FSH is high because my egg supply is low. When I don’t produce eggs/ovulate my body just produces more and more FSH to try and grow and release a follie. That’s pretty much what Clomid does too. So, given that my body is already unsuccessfully doing essentially the same thing as Clomid I was leary of it to begin with. BUT. The estrogen patch I was on before lowered my FSH. And I think that’s why the Clomid worked before. It’s been 3 months since I’ve been on the estrogen patch so I assume my FSH went back up. And that’s why the Clomid didn’t work this time. I really need that estrogen patch. But I can’t be on it while I’m on fertility drugs. But without it the fertility drugs don’t work. Such a Catch-22.

No babies of my own. Maybe I’ll get lucky but I think my odds of that are on par with winning the lottery. Maybe I should start buying tickets. Maybe I’ll win the lottery and then be able to afford adoption. 😛


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  1. I’m sorry, Stolen Egg! It is such a let down even though you’ve promised yourself not to get too excited that it MAY work. I’m hoping that things turn around for you and that this month you do O on your own without the damn Ovidrel!

  2. tillie Says:

    Sorry the clomid didn’t work…I have my fingers crossed that you will O next week on your own! *hugs*

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