Who’s running this show?

June 1, 2010

At my last appointment I had the usual ultrasound which showed that my cyst was gone. That meant I could go off the birth control pills, wait for a period and start Clomid again. Now, those early morning wandings are never done by my RE – I guess she sleeps in. Those ultrasounds seem to always be done by the fellow (or, as Right Guy keeps pointing out, they could be residents – but I’m pretty sure they are fellows. Fellows > Residents). In any case, it’s fairly common for me to see a different one every time. Although I have spoken with her on the phone, I haven’t actually seen my RE for several months. So this fellow was giving me the spiel on what to do next. Granted, I have only done this once before. But I know the drill. I didn’t really need the spiel.

Part of his spiel was letting me know that I could choose when I stopped taking the BCPs if I wanted to try and time things based on my schedule. I don’t know, maybe he was worried I was going to the beach for the holiday weekend and wouldn’t want my period to start until later. Whatever the reason, he felt the need to explain my options to me. Having used continuous BCP to treat endometriosis in the past, I’m pretty much the queen of timing my period when I have the option to do so. So I was barely paying attention to what he was saying (I was thinking about my calendar and when Right Guy will be working overnight shifts). Until he said, “but the ovaries are really in charge.” My reply: “If my ovaries are in charge of all this then they need to be under new management.”

Seriously? Are my ovaries running this show? Geez, I hope not. I was kind of hoping the RE was. I’d like to fire the CEO of my ovaries. She’s asleep at the wheel. If I take Clomid that seems to smack her around a bit so she wakes up long enough to kick the ovaries in to hyperdrive. But that’s really shoddy management. I’d rather they just worked at a normal pace all the time than be jolted out of a deep sleep and be told to run. Maybe I need to call in Donald Trump. He’s good at firing people. Maybe I can hire him to fire my ovaries?
You're Fired!

Anyway, I suppose I’ll just have to let them do their thing. I don’t really have much control over it. I suppose I could try giving them a stern talking to (practice for when I have a teenager maybe?). But that seems a bit silly. I’m trying to eat really healthy and swim regularly. And I think I’ll go get a massage soon. But that’s about all I can do. Besides wait. Although I kind of wish I had been able to be on the estrogen going in to this like I did last time. I think the hot flashes are going to be brutal this time. I’ve been off the HRT for 2 months. The longer I’m off the worse they get. And the ceiling fan above my bed is already on high.

Tomorrow I start the Clomid.

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