Momz Part 3

May 14, 2010

Remember how I thought my mother was asking about exactly how we were trying to get pregnant (In Momz Part 2)?  I thought she wanted to know whether we were sinning by having premarital sex or just having my doctor inseminate me – which would theoretically be NOT sinning.  When I recounted the conversation to my brother he came up with another possibility.  Equally as weird. But also a moral issue.

Momz has a genetic degenerative eye disease.  She recently sent out an email to family giving us an update on her status (she is slowly losing vision and has now stopped driving – another reason for me to move before I have 2 parents to take care of and have no life of my own).  In this email she also mentioned that there is some research being done for her condition that might possibly offer a cure – or at least restoration of some of her vision.  But it involves stem cells and she’s not down with using aborted babies to cure her condition. Although she’s still excited about the research.  That was what she said.

I don’t know if she’s aware or not that unused embryos from IVF can be donated for stem cell research.  And if she is, does she consider them ‘aborted’ babies?  Certainly she considers them living beings so it’s all just semantics.  In any case, my brother thinks that might be why she was asking me whether we were having any ‘procedures’ done.  She didn’t want to know if I was an ordinary having sex before marriage sinner.  She was asking if I was a potential murderer (in her mind anyway).  Great.  That makes it SO much better.  Thanks Bro.

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