Foto Friday – My Fridge

May 14, 2010

When I first started dating Right Guy he described my fridge as ‘a Dude’s fridge’ because there was hardly anything in it. Now that he lives here there’s a lot more in there. As you can see. But why would you want to? I really don’t know why anyone would have the slightest interest in the contents of my fridge. But here it is:

my fridge - with comments

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5 Responses to “Foto Friday – My Fridge”

  1. calliope Says:

    this cracked me up!

  2. Belle Says:

    Good question. I was wondering about the same thing. What exactly does my fridge say about me?

    • I know my fridge USED to say “I don’t cook much.” I despise cooking for one person so that’s why I used to have “a Dude’s fridge.”
      But what’s not labeled on this photo is all the stuff BEHIND the 3 month old salsa. I have no idea what’s back there. Or how long it’s been there. It’s a little scary. So I think that says something about my housekeeping if not my personality. 😉

  3. niobe Says:

    Plus it’s very well-organized.

  4. Susy Says:

    Old salsa sort of happens to me sometimes. Lol thanks for sharing!

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