Momz Part 1

May 9, 2010

Last week I wrote about my crazy mother and asked for advice on whether to tell her what’s going on with me. You can read that here (Tell Me About Your Mother… ) if you feel like torturing yourself with it. Thanks to everyone who commented. The consensus seems to be that I should tell her. I talked about it with my Employee Assistance Counselor and she thought it was a good idea as long as I manage my expectations. So I decided to do it. Now I just have to go through with it.

As crazy as Momz can be, and as much as she annoys me, she has provided me with a lot of comedic material. I am known amongst my RL friends for having the most amusing Momz stories. So I am going to try to keep the humor injected in the next post. Stop by tomorrow to find out
A. If I did it
2. How it went
III. Whether I’m able to laugh about it yet

As a way of managing my expectations I’m going through all possible scenarios in my head.

Worst Case Scenario: I get a religious lecture about premarital sex followed by an hour of her miscarriage stories and she promises to pray for me and my sins/health issues. Oh and I’ll hear all about whoever she knows with osteoperosis and she’ll try to joke about hot flashes. She was rather overly dramatic when she went through menopause and I remember clearly all the comments “You just wait til you go through it” whenever I was critical of her for having a fit in the middle of the mall and telling every salesperson she saw that she was having a hot flash.

Best Case Scenario: She says NOTHING. She just gives me a hug.

Here are my realistic expectations/predictions:

  • She will mention her miscarriages – hopefully not for an hour.
  • She will make some comment/joke about hot flashes.
  • She will talk about someone she knows with osteperosis. Again, hopefully not for an hour.
  • She will be happy that I am TTC and keep her thoughts on religion/marriage to herself.
  • She will pray for me – hopefully not in public.
  • She will offer to find supplements or natural remedies.
  • She will make me uncomfortable somehow some way.
  • She will give me a hug and say some nice things but then talk about herself – for an hour.

Should be amusing to see how many I get right. 😉

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