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May 7, 2010

I ❤ Twitter. I have found the most amazing people and resources on Twitter recently. Before I started this blog and Twitter account (@StolenEggs) I frequented a message board specific to this issue. I still post on that board occasionally. It's a great resource for specific info relating to Primary Ovarian Insufficiency and high FSH. But somehow I just don't get as many positive vibes there as I do from the Infertile Twitter community. Even though many of these women (and a few men) are not dealing with the same condition, we all still help each other and share info about #infertility in general. I'm just as likely to find someone who tweeted, or re-tweeted, about POI as I am to learn more about PCOS or other fertility issues. And that's exactly how I found out about Project Vital Sign sponsored by Rachel’s Well. Which led me to a Washington Post article from 2 years ago.

The more I find, the more I realize how incredibly LUCKY I am. Obviously I’m not lucky to have this condition. But I am extremely lucky that my GYN knew to look for it – even though she fully expected me NOT to have it. It didn’t take me 2 long years to get a diagnosis like the woman in the Washington Post article. At least she (my GYN) was aware enough of POI to order the correct tests (one of which is a fairly new one – AMH). She then conferred with a specialist before giving me the diagnosis and then encouraged me to follow up with a reproductive endocrinologist. Not only are most women unaware of it, many doctors are as well (or only minimally aware of it). Education is key.

Education is key. Enter Project Vital Sign sponsored by Rachel’s Well. Every woman and every doctor should be aware of what their cycles are trying to tell them. My diagnosis was delayed not because I had a bad doctor, but because I was on birth control. The birth control masked the symptoms for who knows how long. Some of those symptoms eventually broke through but I suspect I would have been alerted much earlier had I not been on birth control. Or if there were a screening test.

I went religiously for my annual exam and pap smear. You really have to if you’re on any kind of birth control. They could easily have incorporated some standard bloodwork in my annual exam to check for this problem. But they didn’t. And that’s one thing Project Vital Sign hopes to change. This condition is not just about my fertility (or rather my INfertility). Like many other conditions that affect your fertility (e.g. PCOS) it can also affect your overall health and put you at higher risk for ugly things like osteoperosis and heart disease. If it continues to go undiagnosed there are other health concerns that will be missed and which could otherwise be prevented.

So, if you’re in the U.S. hop on over to Project Vital Sign and send a letter to Congress to raise awareness and advocate for more screening.

And BONUS! Apparently there IS a ribbon for POI! And thanks again to my Tweeps who share all this info! The Interwebz ROCK!


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