Fur Babies

April 29, 2010

When I got my official diagnosis last December I decided to give myself a kitten for Xmas.  I already had a cat, Daisy.  Daisy is almost 12 now and I just thought that if I wasn’t going to have a child I would get myself a kitten.  Turns out Right Guy wanted one too and the shelter advised getting two so they could play together and not annoy Daisy too much.  So I got two kittens for Xmas.

I spent Xmas alone, sad and depressed.  I wasn’t up for being around people, not even family.  It was 100% my choice to be alone for Xmas.  It could have gotten ugly.  But kittens are funny.  Laugh out loud funny.  They are often far more entertaining than the TV.  They make me laugh when I most need it.

There was one unexpected side effect, however.  Since they were shelter kitties they were sick and it took some time to get them well.  My nurturing & mothering instincts came flooding to the surface.  On the one hand it felt good to have a small creature who needed my attention.  On the other hand, kittens are very different from babies. 😉  Sometimes they only serve to remind me of what I don’t have.
But mostly they bring me joy and make me laugh.  Even if I annoy the crap out of them trying to treat them like babies.  I’m sure they’d be happier if I had something else to cuddle.

Have you started or added to your furry family because of your infertility?  Please share.


2 Responses to “Fur Babies”

  1. barrenlazza Says:

    Hi Foxy

    We haven’t begun our furry family yet but plan to next month when we return from a holiday.

    We’ll be going to the pound and plan on getting a doggy with either a cat or another dog. Sometimes they come in inseparable pairs so we’ll just see what is available and go from there.

    This will be the first time we’ve had pets as before moving to Australia, we lived in tiny un-pet-friendly apartments in London for ten years. This makes it very exciting – can’t wait!

  2. Fox Says:

    I absolutely LOVE that idea! You’re right – they do sometimes come in inseparable pairs and being open to that is great. Keep me posted…

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