SuperSperm, No Sperm or somewhere in between?

April 28, 2010

Right Guy is off “filling the cup” today.  Finally.  I’m hoping for Super Sperm.  I want those little guys to be wearing freaking capes.   But we’ll see.

I’m not too worried about the outcome.   I can’t control that.  It will be what it is.   Capes or not, I’ll deal with it and account for it in our next steps. But I DO worry about his reaction.   I think he got a dose of reality when I didn’t get pregnant this month (did I mention that yet? No?  Well maybe you understand why my last post was so bitchy/whiny).   I think he thought it would be easy if we just timed it correctly. And he says he’s not worried about this test.  He doesn’t seem like the super machismo “Nothing cold possible be wrong with MY sperm” type guy.  But he seems to think that nonetheless.  So I’m more worried about HE’LL handle it if there is a problem than about how I will.

I guess docs just make horrible patients. And it’s a little frightening how much he DOESN’T know about all this. It’s not his area of expertise so I don’t expect him to know a lot but still… I know WAY more about this than he does at this point. But there’s nothing to do right now but wait for results.


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  1. UPDATE: They may not quite be wearing capes but they passed ALL their tests with relatively high marks. SuperSperm? Maybe. Maybe not. But even if they can’t take on super villains they should be able to take down an egg. Assuming I can provide a healthy one.

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