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April 23, 2010

Yup.  I’m letting my mind run amok looking for things to worry about.  I’ve got too many balls in the air at the moment, I guess.  With any luck I can have a little mini-freak out, blog about it here, and then move on.

As if it wasn’t enough to obsess over symptoms during the 2ww, here’s all the other crap I’m dealing with:

  • impending deadlines at work (normally my job is pretty chill)
  • new freelance work I have yet to start
  • home repairs
  • awaiting word as to where/if I’ll be moving in 14 months (more on that later)
  • what to do with my father if I move away and can’t take care of him anymore
  • worrying about Right Guy’s sperm (more on that later also)

I think at this point what might actually top the list is the fact that I ran in to trouble replacing the ceiling fan in my bedroom so the old fan is down but the new one is not yet up.  No ceiling fan + hot flashes = cranky me.  Probably why I’m all whiny in this post.  I hate whining. 😉

At least I’ll have all day Saturday to deal with the more mundane tasks: errands, home repairs and catching up on work.  Right Guy will be at Beer Fest – selling my ticket.  People have different opinions about drinking during the 2ww but I think going to Beer Fest and tasting hundreds of beers is a bit over the top so I’m skipping.

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