The Treatment

April 20, 2010

I think one of the more devastating things originally about this diagnosis was that I went from feeling young and vibrant to feeling… OLD.  Suddenly I had to worry about osteoperosis – and not in that ‘Oh I’d better take a multivitamin today so my bones are healthy when I’m 70’ sort of way.  It was more of an ‘Oh shit!  I could be that hunched over grandma by age 50’ – except I wouldn’t be an actual grandma because I wouldn’t be a mother.  OK, so maybe I exaggerate a bit.  But it was rough to hear that I had to worry about that sort of thing in my 30s.  Unless, of course, I go on HRT (hormone replacement therapy).  Then my hot flashes go away along with the increased risk of osteoperosis.  And I officially join the ranks of the menopausal.  Well, semi-officially.  Really it’s  more like peri-menopause.  But emotionally it felt the same.

After many sleepless and sweaty nights, the HRT was like heaven.  Having to change my estrogen patch every 3.5 days was kind of a pain but a small price to pay for being able to sleep through the night.  It felt wonderful.  After just two days on the patch, I actually ovulated, much to the surprise of my RE.  She tweaked my diagnosis from premature ovarian failure (POF) to ovarian insufficiency (POI) aka Dimished Ovarian Reserve (DOR).  It seems my body like being off birth control and on estrogen.  I had always avoided birth control with lots of estrogen due to my endometriosis (which my RE tells me is no longer a concern due to the POI).

Yay!  My ovaries are not in a coma!  Yet. It’s celebration time.  Maybe I can get pregnant.  Quick – convince Right Guy we have to go for it.  He’s had months to think it over now.  OK.  Whew!  He’s on board.  Let’s go for it!

Oh wait.  Maybe those ovaires ARE in a coma.  The next 3 months of HRT allowed me to catch up on sleep.  But so did my ovaries.  I think they decided to play Sleeping Beauty.  Where, oh where is Prince Charming to come and wake them up?
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