The Right Guy

April 19, 2010

So the Right Guy finally came along.  And, after a little while, I started to think that maybe there was a chance I might actually get to do this kid thing the normal way.  After all, I’m still under 40.  My SIL had twins at 41 without treatments so there’s still time.  Right? No need to rush the relationship even if it’s headed in that direction.  Right?  Wrong on both counts apparently.
He still has a lot of training with crazy hours for his job so he had wanted to wait a bit.  Understandably.  But I had to toss that plan right out the window.  We’ve been together not quite 2 years now.  It took a few months (only fair – it IS a big decision) for him to get fully on board with the accelerated plan.  But once he got on board I knew I had a partner in this.  And even with his crazy hours he does whatever I need him to do to help me through this.  I feel so sorry for him when he comes home from a 30 hour shift and has to deal with a sad, crying depressed me.  That’s usually just enough to bring me out of it when I get like that.
But anyway, the point here is that I FINALLY found a good guy, the right guy, who truly wants the same things as me.  So I allowed myself to hope.  For the first time in a long time.  Hope can be such a cruel thing.
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